VGNPs iPhone app in Kuala Lumpur

Jun 28th, 2010 | By Vidar Meisingseth | Category: News

At the VG News Portal stand at “Publish Asia” in Kuala Lumpur, the participants will have the opportunity to study the use of the iPhone-app for getting tips and pictures.

iPhone VG News Portal

The concept and idea behind the newsportal is getting tips, stories, pictures and videos in a very easy way. SMS and MMS are the two main methods to receive information via short numbers like VGs 2200.

With the exploding number of iPhone users, we of course have made a special iPhone module – or app. The users are downloading the app for free from App Store. And then they may send tips and pictures directly into the media companys newsroom by two clicks on the iPhone-app. Some seconds later the story may be online.

Just take a look at the app by downloading “2200 Tips VG” at App Store or take a look here.

And welcome to the VG News Portal stand at Publish Asia in Kuala Lumpur August 3.5th.

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