Joi Ito appointed as CEO of MIT

May 12th, 2011 | By Vidar Meisingseth | Category: News

Joi Ito – just remember the name. Some weeks ago this international 44 year old IT-name and friend of VG News Portal, was appointed as the new executive director of the MIT Media Lab.

Joi Ito

Joi Ito

As New York Times writes: ” MIT.. was originally founded by the architect Nicholas Negroponte in 1985 and has since become recognized for its willingness to take risks in developing technologies that are at the edge of the computing frontier.
The Media Laboratory gained a global reputation during the 1990s as an avant-garde research center known for stunning high-technology demonstrations that pointed toward a future digital society. ”

When meeting Joi Ito in Abu Dhabi during a presentation of VG News Portal, Mr. Ito was very impressed:” One great example was Vidar Meisingseths presentation about VG News Portal, a Norwegian news site that gets a huge percentage of its revenue from online and a substantial amount of news from amateur photographers and “tips” that come in via SMS, phone and email”, wrote Ito.
Joichi Ito is among other things a board member of the Mozilla Foundation and named by Businessweek as on of the 25 most influential People on the Web in 2008.
His blog:

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