New features

New features are added to VG News Portal frequently, and here is a description of some of the newest things we have added.

We always listen to our users to find new ideas about how to expand and make this tool even more useful. Please let us know if you have additional requests or questions about features.

iPhone app

Gone are the limitations and downsizing of MMS and the transfer is only two clicks away. This must be one of the fastest ways of getting data into the newsroom!

We have developed an iPhone application that can be used for sending tips and pictures to the newspaper, directly from an iPhone. This is available as an optional add-on to the VG News Portal, and can be customized to your specific profile and needs.  Contact us for more information.

In addition, we have also made a solution for sending high resolution images from Nokia phones.

Twitter monitoring

A new module let’s you monitor what is written about you or other user-defined words on Twitter! This is extremely useful for detecting and reacting when people comment about your organization or specific events or topics!

Resource locater

This module allows you to put people, organizations or other assets with addresses into a database, which can be displayed on a map. This can be used for easily looking up available resources in a specific area. Imagine that there is a ship sinking on the coast somewhere, and you can find contacts and freelancers in the same area, and have them go out and take pictures for you – long before your own reporters can be on site!