Video conversion

Watch videos from your readers, instantly!

Description of the service

With VG News Portal it is possible to integrate to a video conversion system. The idea is to convert all incoming video material to a format that can be played in the VGNP without need for any 3rd party applications except Adobe Flash player. Some customers already have their own video production workflow, but for those who don’t, Teknograd is now happy to offer the video conversion as a hosted service.

This means that a customer’s server is set up to transfer all incoming video to Teknograds Video Conversion Service (TVCS), have the file converted to FLV. The customer’s server look for the converted file on TVCS and downloads it as soon as it is ready. It will then be available for playing in the VG News Portal. The FLV video is stored along with the original file that came from the sender. Nothing is stored in TVCS – this is purely a conversion service.

It is also possible to set up multiple queues for video conversion If the customer has specific needs for other formats for internal use or for publishing (E.g. Windows Media Video, QuickTime and so on).

The TVCS can also be used for other needs than for the VGNP. Contact us for more information.

Price information

The TVCS is offered as a hosted service with a price of €169 per month.
This includes conversion to FLV format. Additional formats/queues can be offered upon request.

Ordering and information

Please contact us to order this service or request more information.